Late Night Food In Woodbridge, Vaughan

Vaughan’s late-night food culture is a testament to its diverse culture and culinary preferences. As the sunsets and the city’ pace mellow, the new energy awakens as food enthusiasts seek to satisfy their cravings. On one hand, Regalz Kitchen & Bar, transforms its menu into a mixture of flavors, on the other hand, the live music nights with distinctive performers every week, capture the essence of Vaughan’s nocturnal indulgence.

By Regalz Kitchen & Bar, the aim is to create an ambiance that is not only cozy but also classy enough to make you feel at home. Among the hundreds of conversations masqueraded by loud voices & a decorative style inspired by the modern interior & local surroundings, the late night food restaurant in Vaughan accommodates both smaller and large groups of individuals. 

At Regalz Kitchen & Bar, we take pride in our diverse and delectable menu that features a fusion of sniggling griddles and aromatic spices. Our talented chefs who have mastered the art of cooking and representation welcome you with inviting warmth. Once you visit the amazing restaurant, there’s no going back.

Open well into the early hours, this late night food iconic eatery in Woodbridge, has been dishing out an array of sumptuous seafood and a wide variety of Nigerian cuisine for decades now. Regalz Kitchen & Bar’s dedication to preserving and innovating upon the indigenous flavors beckons the night revelers into its high-spirited Nigerian fare. The dimly lit interior exudes warmth, making it an inviting spot for those seeking a late night feast that is both obliging and gratifying. 

Experience a unique essence with Regalz, fostering late-night connections, conversations, and cherished memories.

Tuesday 3pm–12am
Wednesday 3pm–12am
Thursday 3pm–12am
Friday 3pm–2am
Saturday 3pm–2am
Sunday 3pm–12am
Monday - Closed