Nigerian Cuisine In Woodbridge, Vaughan

Regalz Kitchen & Bar is the place where you can embark on a palatable and appetizing journey into the heart of Nigerian cuisine near you in Woodbridge, Vaughan. Located among the thronged streets, this culinary gem proudly defines itself as the de facto place of authentic flavors and warm hospitality, one that would candidly welcome diners and passage together with them along the meanders of Nigerian culinary beauty.

As you browse through the menu, you'll be astounded to discover an amazing variety of dishes that are masterfully put together to showcase the diversity of Nigerian flavors. They are all made from healthy stews to rice dishes, which are a culinary masterpiece, made with a bunch of spices and fresh ingredients and are sourced from the local markets.

No Nigerian meal is considered without a taste of jollof rice; and Regalz Kitchen & Bar delivers it proudly. Each serving of soft, tomato-flavored rice is like a flavor bomb. Pure happiness comes from the tender meat or fish pieces and the mixture of appetizing spices.

In addition to your meal, the kitchen & bar offers a range of drinks, such as the traditional Nigerian palm wine, refreshing fruit juices, and imported beers. 

Regalz Kitchen & Bar offers more than just mouth-watering food. It’s a place of convergence that brings together friends and families to share the ecstasy of great cuisine and communion. 

Our dedicated team of chefs crafts a menu that celebrates fusion of flavors showcasing the best unforgettable dining experience that tantalizes your taste buds and stimulates your senses. If you are a seasoned Nigerian food lover or just starting your Nigerian food adventure, an excursion to Regalz Kitchen & Bar is the best chance to try real Nigerian cuisine near you in Woodbridge, Vaughan.

Indulge in the acoustic expedition with our traditional Nigerian Cuisine and immerse yourself in the night of celebration.


Tuesday 3pm–12am
Wednesday 3pm–12am
Thursday 3pm–12am
Friday 3pm–2am
Saturday 3pm–2am
Sunday 3pm–12am
Monday - Closed